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It is never too early to prepare for the future, particularly with your medical care. Medicare, Medicaid, and your state sponsored long term care benefits are three government programs designed to assist older Americans with their medical care. Each is designed to help with the costs with the costs of medical care in the later part of life. In most cases, however, some advanced planning is needed to fully utilize these benefits.

What is Medicare?

Medicare is a federally funded health insurance program that primarily provides health care benefits to seniors over the age of 65 years or others who have been found to have a disability that prevents them from working. Medicare is run by the Social Security Administration. Eligibility for Medicare is not based on your income or the assets you own.

What is Medicaid?

Medicaid is a state and federally funded program designed to pay for many health care needs of individuals who are determined eligible. In Michigan, medicaid eligibility is determined by the Michigan Department of Human Services (DHS). Generally speaking, Medicaid covers low-income and financially needy people, including those over 65 who are also on Medicare.

Eligibility depends on your age or disability, your income, the value of certain “countable assets” you own, and the amount of long terms care expenses. This information is collected by DHS in your Medicaid application. Eligibility is also affected by your marital status.

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Medicaid Planning

Applying for Medicaid can be tricky. The application is complex and the rules change frequently. It is imperative that you know all of the rules before you apply to Medicaid so that you can enhance your chances of approval and, in some cases, even your benefits. Applying for Medicaid before knowing you’re the rules can have devastating effect on your changes of receiving benefits.

If you need assistance with your day to day activities you may also consider Veteran’s Aid and Attendance Benefits.

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